Ps vita play android games

I'm not sure if I'm understanding what your saying. If your saying let Vita have Android apps or windows software, then what's the benefit of creating it only for PS4 or Vita? Devs will see cost savings going for Android or windows development and dump PS4 and Vita development. Then in the end, there won't be anything made for PS4 or Vita.

Sony probably would lose the development license fees and need to pay to Google and Microsoft for it's usage.

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Don't act like you know everything by your own assumptions, show proof if not then you're just talking nonsence. Your point about OS being the main factor is flawed and proved wrong go do your research. Do you really know what the submission process of Google Play Store is? Nothing much. They'll go and publish it until they get some court order to take it down.

And do you know how remote play works? It's using streaming.

Ps Vita Android

It's not running native on your mobile device. It's just like Netflix or PS Now, running from another source and streaming video to your device. The mobile device itself isn't running the game file.

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I think you're getting side track here. I don't think this thread talked anything about streaming until the post you just did. If your going with streaming, then sure, it's possbile that it can support any device. But if we are talking about 1 game file, the same file without modifying it, then it can't be run on multiple machines besides the hardware and OS it was made for it, or some middleman software aka emulators or streaming get in between to make it understand that hardware and OS to run it or play videos on it.

Games using remote play are running on it's own native hardware converting the video to stream to the device that has the installed app. So, in other words, for example, we can say the Android can "play" PS4 games via remoteplay needs a PS4 to run the game and a network connection to get it streamed. But the Android can't "play" PS4 games by itself natively.

What I am saying is. Sony should open up the idea for people to release the same kind of content found on Windows, iOS, or Android on PlayStation Platforms. The PlayStation Platforms and Ecosystem are well worth a developers time, and Sony has to realize the potential. Five years ago nobody was developing for Android or iOS.

Now they are the biggest development platforms of the moment.

Sony can, and has to play the game if they want PlayStation to stick around. Right now it may seem like a joke, but if they actually went for it, five years from now, PlayStation could look like agaming and entertainment focused version of iOS or android. Opening up PlayStation to more software is the path to mass expansion of the userbase. This is the biggest growth market Sony can go after, and them and Microsoft are the only companies even in the ballpark for this game. Apple, Google, Nintendo, and Samsung have no counter to a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One with the full selection of software on a Mac or PC, nor do they have a counter to a PS Vita with the full selection of apps found on smartphones or tablets.

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Sony needs to act now before someone else slowly builds an android platform that beats PlayStation at gaming at home, and on the road. People like to laugh at this, but if Sony stays right where they are, I am very scared for the future of the company, and PlayStation. If you want this, then it will very likely include a higher price or usage fees. When it comes to teaming up, it's a business deal. Who do you think will end up paying for the team-up?

That makes it as a Vita app. And what does this app do?

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If your talking about an app to access videos and music from the Google Play store, then those are apps that are made for that hardware. The apps part of the Google Play Store aren't available outside of Android. And unlike apps, these music and video files are using formats which are compatible on these hardware, so there's no problem playing them. Well, there's more to how they are played, but I won't go into further details.

The former is as said earlier is using emulation or streaming to make it playable on the Vita. The latter won't run at all as the Vita can't recognize what the file is for. To make it recognize, the devs can port the Android app to an Vita app and release it for the PS store, but that's up to them if they'll do it or not. It won't run Google app games? You probably should do research before throwing things. When you see "Homebrew" then that should have triggered an alert for you. A few pointers I'll say are: So I hope you understand that there is always something going on to make things work.

It's not something like: PlayStation General. Google Play Store? Then it would never work as it is optimized for Android OS. It would be a great idea but just way to different of operating systems. I agree! This needs to happen. Why has this not happened yet? Sony, please make this happen! MakeMyBiscuit wrote: Agreed make it happen! This is one of the only ways to make the VITA more then a bad memory.

Android is available to Sony, their phones run it. Heck their Playstation phone ran it. This builds the user base hoopefully to a point it begins to get dev support again. A real playstation phone with SD card support is truely a must have device for any real gamer. Except that vita does not use a android os. Google play would be very useless on the vita since all it offers is apps and games designed to work on a android device. News Ben Griffin Not seen the Vita?

The Vita VS Android/iOS – What should you get for gaming?

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