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Boost uses Sprint's slower network. Boost Mobile Shop Plans. Straight Talk Shop Plans. After trying to reinvent itself as an iPhone carrier with just a single unlimited data plan, Virgin has shuffled things up.

Best Individual Prepaid Plan

It's also selling Android devices again. Virgin Mobile Shop Plans. If you want to save even more money on your monthly bill, other discount carriers let you mix and match talk, text and data allotments. By turning to one of these options, you can cut your bill down to size if you don't really use a lot of data each month or you prefer texting to talking. The Best Discount Cellphone Carrier.

  • Boost Mobile Review - Pros and Cons of Boost’s Network and Service.
  • The big caveat: No "unlimited" plan is really unlimited.!
  • The other caveat: Not all networks are created equal.;

Then we tried to build a plan that offered the best mix of talk, text and data without exceeding our monthly limit. We gave extra marks to plans that came in well under budget while still giving us a good allotment. Republic keeps monthly prices low by using Wi-Fi networks to handle much of your calling, texting and data needs; when Wi-Fi's not available, it turns to the mobile networks of Sprint and T-Mobile.

Another compelling choice is Google Fi, the rebranded version of Google's Project Fi wireless service. While Google used to limit its wireless service to its own phones and a few select Android devices, you can now use just about any phone with Google Fi , including iPhones.

There's a catch to that price, though: You have to prepay for three months at the start, and prices go up after that period unless you commit to a year of service. Best Unlimited Prepaid Plan: Data-hungry cell phone users who want a fast network. Boost goes a step further by also imposing speed limits on game and music streaming for unlimited customers. Video streaming is still limited to p, but you'll get Google One storage plus an Amazon Prime membership through Metro's more expensive unlimited plan. As noted above, under Boost's unlimited plan, music will stream at Kbps, and streaming games will be limited to 2 Mbps on top of the p streaming video restriction.

Virgin's unlimited plan costs the same as the more premium offerings at Boost and Metro, but includes more restrictions. You can only stream video at p, and there are caps on data speeds for music and game streaming, too. This plan just became more attractive, as Cricket has removed the 8 Mbps data speed cap it imposes on other plans. You're restricted to streaming video at p resolution, and hotspot data costs extra.

As with other prepaid unlimited plans, expect videos to stream at p resolution. Autopay enrollment knocks a single dollar off your monthly rate. It lets you stream HD video and offers 10GB of hotspot data. You can only stream video at p resolution on this plan, and there are caps on streaming music Kbps and games 2 Mbps. Prepaid customers who don't want the credit check that comes with the regular T-Mobile One plan can get a prepaid version of that plan for less money, though taxes and fees aren't included as they are with the T-Mobile One plan for postpaid customers.

You'll also have to pay extra for coverage in Canada and Mexico as well as international calls with the prepaid version of T-Mobile's unlimited plan, while other restrictions p video streaming, 3G hotspot data remain in place. That matches Visible's price, and at TextNow, you're not restricted to using an iPhone.

Verizon has dropped the price on its prepaid unlimited plan and added 3G hotspot data. You're still limited to streaming video at p resolution, though. The good news is that you get to use Verizon's top-performing network. The bad news is you'll have to live with a 5 Mbps cap on data speeds. You need to contact Boost Mobile customer service in order to be assisted with that. Hi ace Hello JLseattle!

Right now, we do not have the specific date of when the offer will be available. We encourage you to keep on checking our website and social network pages for more updates about this topic. We'll let our customers know as soon as we have more details about this program. My my synopsis of what you are saying: Oh, and you can switch to our sister carrier "hassle free.

Reading this and other things on line, it seems that you don't give a "hoot" about your existing customers. I expect to be notified and contacted directly, not have to accidently stumble on this information. I am not going to monitor this message board, contact me by my email or send me information by good old US Mail please. Sign In. Android Devices: Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Here's how the 'unlimited' plans from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile compare

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean: Go to solution. Reply Share. That way, you can assign different unlimited plans according to the needs of specific users. None of this includes taxes and regulatory fees, though. Those vary by region, so your bill will be a bit higher than what's advertised.

And as with every major unlimited plan, all of these rates apply only if you set your billing to auto-pay every month. With the Go Unlimited plan, Verizon says it may temporarily slow your mobile data speeds in areas of congestion. This doesn't mean you'll constantly be slowed to a crawl when browsing the web on your phone, but it makes it especially difficult to call this a true "unlimited" plan.

With the pricier Beyond Unlimited plan, Verizon says it may temporarily slow your mobile data speeds in areas of congestion if you use more than 22 GB of LTE data in a given month. With the new "Above" Unlimited plan, you get 75 GB of fast LTE data in a given month before it may temporarily slow your mobile data speeds in areas of congestion. Not with a smartphone on the Go Unlimited plan.

Specifications and Benchmarks

If you buy that, Verizon says video streamed over its mobile network will max out at a p resolution, which is less than high-definition. There is a visible difference in sharpness between p and HD, particularly on the ever-expanding and increasingly high-res displays of today's smartphones. Again, this is a clear example of limits on an "unlimited" plan. The "Beyond" and "Above" Unlimited plan does let you stream video on smartphones in high-definition, but even that is throttled: Verizon says it's capped at a p resolution.

Boost Mobile Review - Second Best Low-Cost Phone Carrier

This isn't as noticeable a drop-off in sharpness as going to p, but it's the minimum threshold for an HD video, and it's still a step back for consumers than the previous plan, on which Verizon didn't restrict video on any device at all. If you subscribed to Verizon's original unlimited plan, you're now saddled with the Beyond Unlimited plan's p limit. It's worth noting that the limits above are different if you stream video to a tablet instead of a smartphone. With that, the Go Unlimited supports up to p video streaming, while the Beyond Unlimited plan supports up to p video streaming. This makes sense given that tablets offer more screen real estate.

Instead, it's constantly capped at a speed of Kbps, which is closer to 3G-level quality. And the Above Unlimited plan gives you 20GB. If you use more than the limits on either the Beyond or Above plans, you'll be bumped down to those slower Kbps speeds. Verizon still offers less-expensive, non-unlimited plans on its website. Verizon also offers unlimited calling and texting from the US to Mexico and Canada on all three of its unlimited plans.

It allows decent 4G data usage in those countries with that plan, too, but sticks you with glacially slow 2G speeds if you use more than MB of data in a given day, which isn't a lot. Once you go beyond MB, you'll get degraded to nearly-unusable 2G speeds. Verizon recently rolled out a loyalty rewards program of sorts called Verizon Up, which gives longtime customers credits that can be redeemed on various events and special offers.

Unlike Verizon, those rates do include additional taxes and fees, so what you see is what you pay. T-Mobile says your line may be temporarily slowed in areas of congestion if you use more than 50 GB of LTE data in a month. Video streaming with the One plan is capped at a standard-definition, or p, resolution. And that includes the Netflix On Us option if you opt in. This is the closest thing T-Mobile has to a genuine unlimited plan.

Pay for that, and you can stream an unlimited amount in p HD. You can still use your phone as a hotspot, but your connection will be capped at slower 3G speeds.

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