Waterproof cell phone case iphone 5

Select color - Original Price: Whether you're running at the beach or lifting in the gym, the LifeActiv Armband with QuickMount keeps your phone at arm's length — literally. From daily drivers on the streets to speed boats on the river, the Suction Mount with QuickMount turns any windshield into a sturdy perch for your smartphone. Notify Me.

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X Add Accessories to your case view all. Details Four Proofs. Zero Doubt. Device Compatibility.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by SLSR from Gym Sweat Proof This was one of my first cases and I have returned to it since it really does a great job protecting the phone while retaining all functionality. Its slim profile compared to other complete cover cases let you put the phone in your pocket.


No worries in the gym or on a rainy day on the bike. Fingerprint works through the phone button membrane but you do need to reimage your prints once the case is on if you already have images in the phone memory. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by Woody from Wear and tear I am a little disappointed in the longevity of the product. It seems I need to replace it just after the warranty is out. Usually around the corners in the front or by the clip that you need to open for the charge cord. Making it not waterproof and unusable on the motorcycle, the main reason I need it for Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by William from Perfect fit Fits perfect on my phone making all functionality work like a charm.

Other cases quite match up. Had a Life Proof on my previous phone.

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Had to replace phone and was given another brand of cover and although it fit and the phone functioned some features did not operate as well as they do with the Lifeproof. Worth the money. Rated 5 out of 5 by DeeAnn from Happy with life proof case!! My phone looks like new except where the apple shows throw the back of the phone it is sun bleached. Make sure the case is securely closed. I have had the incipio atlas case, the griffin survivor plus case and the life proof case. I can say that the best case by far is the lifeproof.

The protective screen cover is definitely the most responsive and the best to use after ios7. The griffin was very poor for sound quality on both speaker and mic. When answering the phone I had to open the charging cover so that people could hear me. It also caused the phone to give a deafening hi pitched sound when on a call. The incipio was not much better. I did like the the glass screen cover, that was until it fell out of my pocket on to a smooth floor and the glass shattered. This is why I would rate the lifeproof as best! Lifeproof is crap.

When I contacted LP they told me that the warranty only protected the plastic and rubber case from water damage, not the contacts, AND the simple act of pulling the phone out of your pocket could cause the case to fail. I completely agree with your comments. They do not fix or replace your phone despite all of their advertising that makes this case seem waterproof.

Life proof FAILS — after 1 year of use it just fell apart and life proof could not be bothered with me as a customer…. I had a lifeproof iPhone 5 case that I only used for running cycling.

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Last week I mistakenly swam in the sea with it in my pocket. It was never more than 1 foot deep and was in the water for less than 5 minutes. Case leaked. Phone died! For Extreme sports I prefer the iClam is waterproof down to 30ft and you can adapt a fisheye lens. I followed every direction and when I got it I took the Case and tested it in water for 3 hours, it came out dry but in 2 weeks I put my phone in the pool with the Case and water has leaked thru the speaker holes where the charger hole thing is at.

Mine leaked at the exact same place. Complete design flaw. Do not buy this case. It killed my phone. Life proof case is horrible!!!

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I have bought 3 different life proof cases and none of them worked! I was very happy with my Lifeproof on the 4S, however the new 5 case has some issues. First the phone screen surface does not install flush with the screen of the case, there is about a mm of space between the phone screen surface, and the inner surface of the case screen.

This space occurs towards the bottom of the case, and you can feel it. There is a definite difference between using the top part of the case, and the bottom, you WILL feel the space I am describing. The issue with the space is that it creates echos, and worse of all, it really screws around with the proximity sensor of the phone.

SO if you get the Lifeproof, be prepared to deal with auto mute, auto calling, self cycling of apps, auto speaker on and off, etc. Extremely annoying, I am getting rid of the Lifeproof. I ended up on this page while searching for an alternative case. So I figured I would review it. The case for the 4 S is totally awesome, the 5, forget about it.

Thanks for the heads up Louis. Sister just got it with her IP5 and i was looking around for cases. I noticed a review showing the same thing and when i was looking at her case it looks like there is a spongy material on the inside back of the case towards the top. This same material is not at the bottom of the case. What kind of surprised me though…was the return address on the package….

It was from Otterbox LLC. But, I do agree, that Otterbox should be on the list. You forgot the new iSeal v5. It killed my phone after 5 minutes in the water. Stay away from LifeProof Fre for iPhone 5 as it is plaugued with issues. None of the issues relate to its protection just performance of phone.

There Customer Service is a joke right now too. Wow, impressive. But I have already got my iphone 5 case from ETrade Supply. The Lifeproof case does what it says it will do…. The Liquipel is a super thin plastic-like Coating, applied in a Vacuum Chamber where the Coating Particle are blasted with a Plasma throughout the entire Phone. I believe it is similar to the competing Golden Shellback Coating… But still Humidity can still condense, so all of these Coating Companies say you should let a liquid exposed Phone dry, before using it.

Therefore, for sure, a combination of Technologies like you propose it, would be the best option to keep the expensive Gadgets save!!! Liquipel puts your phone in a box, sucks all the air out making it a vacuum, then sprays the particles in and they coat everything.

I saw a video, a guy submerged his iphone and it worked still but 48 hours later his screen just turned off. Liquipel is water resistant not water proof, while it may be able to be submerged for some time completely it is not fool proof and can still fail. Liquipel is not a coating either, you have to actually send your phone to them and they do some sciency vacuum sucking particle stuff to make it water resistant.

Liquipel is perfect for those accidental spills and rinsing your phone off with water though. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Kristie Bertucci Updated January 5, Share 8. Pin Contents 1 Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband for Smartphones 2 9.


Liquipel Coating 3 8. BeachBuoy iPhone 5 Waterproof Case 4 7.

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