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Now use a converter to convert Unicode font into Bamini encoding.

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If you hate all these manual encoding conversion then check out this library. As I said in above line, if you like to change the encoding dynamically while running the application then consider using the library I wrote for Android. Set up is very simple. All you have to do is simply import the library into your Android project and call the library as below. There is a sample app available along with the library. You need to make use of the TypeFace class available in Android. If you are developing using html and CSS wraped inside a WebView then take a look at this application's source.

You gonna have to make use of fontface feature of CSS3. Then you gotta use the MyCustomFont in your tags. For example if you wanna set it to the whole body which is much easier in this case. TAb dont need embedd, now we have unicode Please use this Tamil unicode fonts http: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Tamil fonts in Android Ask Question.

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AAA 9 5. Loganathan Loganathan 2 5 I have used bamini.. It works on all version. FYI, for Android 4. Android supports tamil by default.

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What problem do you have? Give me some more details. I might be able to help you.

Why not use unicode? Yes i agree with you Karthik I have used bamini font and tamil unicode converter but i will take time to display in listview. I use Bamini for displaying s of items in a list view. I don't have any problem. And this supports all version of Android. I haven't faced a single issue till now. Manual way of doing There is a work around for this solution. If you are power user, you can root your android phone and install Tamil Unicode font provided by Krishnan.

Ravi, I met you in Tamil 99 keyboard workshop on World Tamil classical language conference. I am now working as an android application developer. I have interest to bring Tamil support to android phones. Please guide me to do that. How to proceed for enabling tamil support to android. Replace the system font with Tamil font atleast he fallback font 2.

Enable rendering support for Tamil HarfBuzz is the rendering engine used by Android. Technically first task is easy to achieve anyone can root their phone and do it. Second task is the challenging one. Also worth a look at http: What is more important, I think, is contribution of enough man-power efforts from persons skilled in the intricacies of implementing for the language.

I do not think HarfBuzz is ignoring Indic. Regarding HarfBuzz developments for Indic scripts including Tamil, you can see about testers in this page: Hopefully we could hear from them on the progress and why inclusion Text layouts for Tamil and other Indic scipts in HarfBuzz rewrite is taking so long. So the code points in an Unicode encoded Tamil content gets converted to those rearranged code points effectively like an 8-bit font which since they are inside Tamil range do not interfere with other language scripts. Mayooresan on August 1, at 1: Why do they have to make it so difficult?

Good news is that HTC provided unlocked bootloader recently thanks to that I could finally root my phone. Hi all,I am from srilanka, i bought A xperia-sony Ericsson, how can i add Tamil software or Tamil font.

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Versions 3. I guess what you have is 2. Android 2. But opera mini still have problem. I need opera to display Tamil natively not through bitmap. I am able to read plain text files containing Tamil characters with conjuncts rendered properly. I am able to copy the characters from text file to contacts and even create notes for the contacts in Tamil. I changed the ROM to cyanogenmod 7 RC1 which did not display the Tamil characters in contacts and text files and was displayed as boxes. I tried to replace DroidSansFallback.

Hence though it was okay, but reading was not pleasure and slow. I also attempted to open DroidSansHindi. TTF in computer and could see Tamil and Telegu characters in the file. Sony Ericsson X10 pro mini, 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab p, 2. Samsung Galaxy Y, 2.

tamil fonts for android mobile Tamil fonts for android mobile
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tamil fonts for android mobile Tamil fonts for android mobile
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