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I included a couple of problems below that best describe the issue. If you already contacted us regarding an related issue, then try to see if your concern is among the ones I cited. You may also visit our troubleshooting page if you have a different problem and use the solutions we provided. Make sure to provide us with sufficient information so we can help you better.

Only when you close the app and re-open, still then it take a few tries. My emails are not syncing since the update. Only when you close the app and re-open but previously you could just pull down and it would sync. Delete the cache to force the new system to create new ones. Follow these steps…. I have a photo I can show you if you email me. Literally hundreds of icons, graphics, and small videos are hidden in my phone.

Every time I backup photos from my phone to my computer, at least a hundred app related images transfer over, mostly from Podcast Addict. However, the images are not visible in my gallery, they only show up when I sync. Facebook recently dropped a new feature that allows Pages to crosspost single-image posts directly to Instagram.

Keep in mind that Instagram and Facebook have different sets of best practices, including hashtag usage and even potential peak usage times. Select advertisers like Sephora, Michael Kors, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn will be the ones getting to test these ads, and the goal is to roll them out to more brands throughout the year. And, as we all know, dynamic, engaging ads are a great way to capture user attention and reel them in. This will help these organizations to communicate and organize more efficiently on Facebook.

It will be open to anyone with a Workplace account and will help them to create and manage their own online communities. Now, Pages that represent public figures or brands can now donate directly to nonprofit fundraisers. Users can also now make recurring monthly donations to a nonprofit fundraiser. This will increase nonprofit donations across the board on-platform, which could make it a more appealing option than crowdsourcing sites. Social proof, after all, is a powerful force, and showing your friends that you support a cause you say you do could be a big motivator for more donations.

In addition to the feature above, which could result in users spending less time on the platform, Facebook has released two additional features that are designed to help reduce exposure to certain aspects of the platform. This is a huge asset to users, because I know I used third-party tools in the past to keep some political content out of my personal feeds during the elections. It will keep the content out of your feed, and hopefully out of your sight. Facebook is currently testing a new paid subscription group model t hat will give admins the ability to create subscriber-only subgroups that grant members access and exclusive content for a monthly fee.

Members can sign-up and manage the subscriptions to these groups through the mobile app, and they can leave the groups at any time. It will be interesting to see if this stays consistent over time. Do you have access to any of them yet? Share your thoughts, knowledge, and questions in the comments below! Facebook has just launched an eCommerce review tool inside the Recent Ads Activity dashboard.

Here, users can give feedback on products that are being advertised on Facebook. Negative responses will be shared directly with the advertisers, giving them a chance to make changes if needed. If Facebook continues to get the negative reviews, though, the untrustworthy ad account will be at risk. We share feedback directly with businesses that receive high volumes of negative feedback and give them a chance to improve before taking further action.

This could mean setting clear expectations about shipping speed upfront or providing more transparency about return policies. If feedback does not improve over time, we will reduce the amount of ads that particular business can run. This can continue to the point of banning the advertiser. Source Facebook. Keep in mind that almost all businesses will have some negative reviews at some point. Image source: Jane Manchun Wong. The feature has only been spotted— not formally announced — but it still has the potential to be a big deal so we wanted to talk about it now.

Using this opportunity can help us fine-tune our organic strategy and find new posts that will be successful to promote. It was only a matter of time before Facebook worked to monetize its on-platform marketplace, which lets users post products, goods, and services with the hopes of selling them to other users. Selling was never processed through Facebook, only listed there, so their means of monetizing the marketplace is with new ads and boosted listings. Ads can be created by anyone with an ad account.

Within the next few weeks, audiences in select locations will be able to run these ads using the conversions, traffic, video views, reach, and product catalog objectives. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with users who are in the frame of mind to do some shopping. Another placement option also means a lot more placements are opening up in general, which makes the system just slightly less competitive and helping us to get a little more ad reach. This will allow ad networks to engage in bidding amongst themselves in real-time, competing for available ad impressions.

This was done with the goal of increasing efficiency of app monetization and solving the problem of only 30 or 40 cents of every ad dollar going to the publisher. Previously the placement would go to the user with the highest average CPM instead of who was actually willing to pay the most for that specific placement. Ad publishers and developers can now establish a more fair marketplace for their ad placements, which will ultimately be better for everyone involved.

Publishers maximize the value of their ad content, and the advertisers who want the placement most will be more likely to get it. Since users want more free content with less ads, this is a great way to make that happen, benefiting everyone involved. One of the biggest tools that Facebook has given non-profits is their donation and charitable giving tools, allowing these organizations and causes to raise funds, support, and publicity through the platform.

This alone was a valuable tool, but now non-profits are getting access to expanded features. Personal user profiles and live broadcasters were given these capabilities last year, and now brands and public figure pages can promote and organize causes and fundraisers, too. Non-profits can also create their own fundraisers for causes thanks to this extension, as most exist on Facebook as Pages.

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Users can now invite up to three friends to create, organize, and manage a fundraiser, making it much easier to manage the campaign while also significantly expanding the network of supports up front. One of my favorite features on Instagram Stories is their polling ability, which allows you to ask users a question and provide them with two different answers. Poll stickers are an excellent way to drive engagement and get actual social proof through your Stories.

Courtesy of ivet The new system will be based on a point rating scale, and it will weigh ratings, reviews, and recommendations users made of your business. In fact, on the new review page layout, there are two things to note: This could be great for businesses, especially those who have overall positive interactions on the platform but one negative review weighing them down a bit.

I think this could be a good one for businesses. Which ones do you think will have the biggest impact on you? At the beginning of this month, Facebook celebrated a slew of releases through the Facebook Developer Conference also known as F8. These included things like their new dating option, the ability to clear your ad history, and enhancements around AR and VR. Left to right, top row: Bottom row: As a way of helping the community adopt and grow their Facebook Live strategies, Facebook has released 2 new feature for Live — Persistent Stream Keys and Live Crossposting.

While going Live is easier than ever, some problems still arise around the ability to share these posts on other pages you might manage. If you only have one or two Facebook pages, this might not seem like too big of a problem. With the new addition of Live Crossposting, all Pages can now easily publish a single Live broadcast across multiple Pages as an original post — meaning more Live viewers and a bigger potential audience.

Broadcasts originating from mobile cannot be Live crossposted. Before you can start to Live crosspost you need to establish a crossposting relationship with another Page, and that Page will also be able to choose how your Page can crosspost their Live videos. Creating a crossposting relationship covers both VOD video on demand and Live broadcasts. You can establish both Manual and Automatic Crossposting Relationships.

Facebook suggest selecting this option only for trusted Pages. Expiration has no impact on crossposted broadcasts. If the original Live broadcast is deleted, all of the Live crossposts will also be deleted. If the broadcast is deleted after the Live broadcast has ended, only that specific broadcast is deleted. All other crossposted Live broadcasts including the original broadcast remain available for playback. Ready to start crossposting? You can check out the setup guide here. Before this update, Stream keys were random and meant that a new key had to be added each time you wanted to go into production.

Facebook has now released permanent keys, meaning the key can be sent in advance of a shoot, making it easier than ever to stream to your fans. Broadcasters can also save time by using the same stream key every time they start a new Live video. Does this still sound obscure? Gaming creator Darkness in the video , who goes live every weekday at the same hour, explains how using a persistent stream key has made this easier:. Streamers want to get their content out to their fans as quickly as possible without having to worry about going down a checklist of things to do, and with Facebook allowing streamers to have a persistent stream key, it gives the streamer the ability to quickly and effortlessly start streaming while also giving them less to worry about before starting their stream.

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Posted by Darkness on Monday, April 9, This is gonna be a true game-changer for some businesses. Live Rewind is massive for our viewers.

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In an effort to help advertisers better track how their audience is interacting with their videos , Facebook has announced a new update on video retention metrics. Soon Page admins will be able to access the following new metrics in their video retention graph:. Facebook has also solved an issue related to the graph displaying data incorrectly for videos longer than 2 minutes — a welcome surprise to anyone affected.

In addition to the recent updates for Facebook Live and Video Retention Metrics, Facebook has also released an updated guide to video best practices and even included a few thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. You can find a full list of their recommendations here. Axios has recently released a new list of issues which will have the same increased transparency requirements as political ads.

This list includes:. Any businesses planning to post political or issue ads like the list above will need to verify their identity via mail, in addition to disclosing who paid for the ad. You can find the new verification requirements here. In addition to mentioning the sponsor of the ad, they also prompt you to view other ads from that advertiser as well as their active times.

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Special care must be taken in terms of image and ad copy. Our own Adespresso customers are reporting recent escalated activity in disabled ad accounts for violating the new policies — a sure sign Facebook is taking the recent Cambridge-Analytica scandal quite seriously. In response, Facebook has decided to publish their enforcement numbers for the first time. For example, take their numbers on fake accounts:. While the numbers for fake account removal are positive, it seems Facebook is still struggling with other nuanced user behavior, like hate speech:. All in all the changes being made are positive, but as you can see Facebook still has a long way to go before they can deem this project a success.

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For full results, you can read their report here. We can bet that as the algorithm continues to be improved that this will also start to affect ads in the same way. Evidence of this can be found in the increased transparency and procedures around issue ads, engagement baiting, and the well-known Facebook banhammer. Big changes are on the horizon — both for Facebook as a company, and for us as advertisers.

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The short answer: We will, of course, update you as we know more. Now there will be new privacy protections extended to everyone, no matter where you live which previously had affected certain privacy features. These new protections and actions will include: Not sure what all this means? Most users will accept the current settings so it should be business as usual for advertisers. Facebook is proving exactly how much they want to shut down data sharing that violates their policies by offering bounties to users who report data abuse.

Want to learn more about the program? Check out their FAQ here. With the new changes Facebook will now be in the driving seat, this means that ethical advertisers will no longer be at a disadvantage to the spammers, creating a level playing field will help a majority of advertisers.

One of the first announcements that came out regarding the privacy changes was that Facebook was putting a hold on app reviewing. Moving forward, Facebook will be restricting data access to apps on Facebook. These changes include: This is designed to increase transparency. This is already being tested in Canada where users can see all ads a page has run, not just political ads. Facebook is also requiring that individuals who manage pages with large follower count are verified by Facebook , making it much more difficult for people to use fake accounts to admin big Pages.

This is designed to protect user identity and increase identity further, and yes, prevent election interference. These features will still apply to non-political Pages, too, however, extending the protection to all users. Those who manage large Pages that do not clear the process will no longer be able to post. This will make it much harder for people to administer a Page using a fake account. We will also show you additional context about Pages to effectively assess their content. For example, you can see whether a Page has changed its name. For legitimate advertisers this is a good move, the more trust there is in Facebook pages the more users are likely to trust and engage with Facebook advertisers.

However, many companies use fake personal profiles as an easy way to administer company profiles. Unsurprisingly, Facebook has made changes to this, making it easier for users to find and adjust their privacy settings. The goal of Facebook was to create an experience is now explicit, more visual, and easy-to-find.

There will also be a new privacy shortcuts menu, which will be highly visual and simple to navigate as seen in the screenshot below. Paul believes this is actually an excellent opportunity for advertisers. This makes it easier for users to update their ad preferences. Now, Facebook is shutting down partner categories. Partner categories are not a key component of targeting for most advertisers, with lookalikes and interest targeting often providing better results. Facebook is taking big steps to protect users against misinformation that has a tendency to spread like wildfire on most social media platforms.

People will be able to see that the Onion is a satire site, for example, so they quickly know not to take it too seriously. Users will also be able to see which of their friends have shared the article. Clickbait has been around on Facebook ever since the platform has allowed business pages and more recently this has evolved into fake news. Previously this has been hard for users to do as checking various third party sites — especially on mobile — is time consuming so a solution within the newsfeed is welcome. With Facebook looking to create a newsfeed with less sensational content this is a good time for advertisers to evaluate their style of ad creative.

Advertisers relying on clickbait style ads will find that their ads will look more and more dated and out of place in the newsfeed. Instead, the platform uses an auction for every ad served. Simply put, this means that if demand for advertising falls then ad prices also fall. The other conclusion from recent events is to move away from micro-targeting and instead build funnels. Cast a wide net at the top of the funnel, by starting with an audience of approximately 1 million people the CPM cost per 1, impressions is low and from this build custom audiences of engaged users to retarget.

How do you feel about the latest changes? Which are you most excited about? Save Save. It not only shared light on empowering women but also settled the stone for all the movements that still continue without signs of slowing down. March 8th is the right day to celebrate women leading the way in their communities, SheMeansBusiness among them. You only need to choose the wished Country and the type of information you need Business Advice, Financial Advice, Networking and Marketing Know-how and the system would suggest you the right community to join!

Visit shemeansbusiness. With glTF 2. The new Graph API endpoints with 3D Post support enables developers to build seamless 3D sharing into any app making it easier for people to share interactive objects or scenes directly to Facebook with just a click. Using the new Open Graph tag, developers can enable 3D content from their website to automatically appear in 3D when shared on Facebook. Please make sure that you view the Post in your Feed using the mobile Facebook app to see how your asset renders on iOS and Android devices.

What to do next? This is what the pop-up will look like without Interested In selected for a split test:. Once you have fixed your campaign settings, you can proceed to publish your campaign successfully! This Facebook update is just about that! T rip consideration helps travel advertisers reaching people who have expressed intent to travel but have not yet decided where to go. With trip consideration, you can showcase deals and popular destinations to encourage people to book their next vacation at a specific destination. The only requirement to use the trip consideration feature is having a pixel implemented Not yet installed?

Learn more here about setting up pixel for dynamic ads for travel hotels , flights , destinations.

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When Facebook and music come together, we have the power to bring people closer together. Music brings to life the happy, the sad, the throwback and the funny in all the moments and messages we share with friends. We are delighted to partner with Warner, its artists and songwriters, and welcome them to our platforms. The deal paves the way for fans to create, upload and share videos with licensed music from their favorite artists and songwriters. Grouping with Warner Music Group, Facebook not only recognizes the value that music creates on social networks but it also empowers songwriters to reach audiences around the world.

This partnership also bears positive and important implications for advertisers as it opens the chance to add Music to shared Memories and Moments. This is the exact reason why the second great deal to be celebrated at Menlo Park this month is the Major League Baseball streamed on Facebook Watch. With 1.

The deal marks the first time a major U. This partnership with Facebook reflects the ongoing commitment of Major League Baseball and our clubs to connect with people around the world. This is the winning move pushing Facebook towards the future and leaving conventional TV Networks a step back. Bringing people together is given a brand-new shade this month with Facebook helping people not only to connect with friends and family but to find the job of their dreams.

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Since introducing job postings on Facebook in the US and Canada last year, they have built new features for businesses like the ability to create job posts on mobile, manage applications, and schedule interviews. We hope this has been interesting and would help you a lot in your Advertising strategy and if you would like to better improve it, check out also What Cats can teach you About Facebook Ads! Quick Recap:. There are a lot of Facebook updates this month! Power Editor and Ads Manager have been merged together and are now a thing! Some of you may be more used to the Power Editor creation workflow, while some others prefer the Ads Manager one instead.

Previously, Power Editor and Ads Manager offered different reporting capabilities. The other feature is offline posting: Facebook will post the update whenever your iPhone connects to a network. Download the new Facebook app here. How-to Tips. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Sponsored Links. Tags app Facebook iPhone Updated. Dhvanesh Adhiya https: He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life. Related Articles.

facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
facebook mobile update news feed Facebook mobile update news feed
Facebook mobile update news feed

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