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5 Best Apps to Control TV with iPhone

The RedEye app works much like the Djiti-Beacon—your phone communicates via Wi-Fi with the base station which translates the command into IR for the devices. An online database of more than 85, control codes covers the major brands and models of devices.

10 Best Universal Remote App for android and iPhone/iPad

The app also allows you to define profiles—custom menus, button layouts, etc—for each room in your house, then share that profile with your roommates and plan your collective viewing schedule on the integrated programming guide. What's more, you can create a custom menu for controlling, say, your PS3, then use the integrated BUMP app to painlessly transfer it to another iOS device. The Zmart system also leverages a 5-ounce dongle that plugs directly into your phone.

But since it plugs in to the device's audio jack rather than a pin connector, it can runs on both iOS and Android.

How to Make the iPhone a Universal Remote : Tech Yeah!

Like the others, the Zmart hosts a massive collection of ,plus control codes that support virtually every major AV manufacturer and can easily learn the ones it doesn't. The A. Andrew Tarantola. Filed to: Home mod Filed to: Share This Story. Most remote apps require a separately sold piece of hardware to go along with it.

Control your TV and much more with these five remote apps

This other device pairs with your phone and acts as the interpreter to help your app communicate with Infrared command and other supported modes of your devices. Turning your phone into a universal remote will give you control over your home without always worrying about misplacing the remote or which is for which device. Dijit is a universal remote control app for your TV, players and other devices from your smartphone.

The key features of this app are custom menus and program guide for your favorites TV shows.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Powerful Remote Control For Your Smart TV

It is supported on android and iPhone and requires the Griffin Beacon to function. This device pairs with the iPhone or android via Bluetooth and acts as the transducer changing the commands from the app on the phone into the respective IR ones that are understood by your remote controlled devices. This app is totally worth every buck as it has real functionality and can replace all your remotes with just the one Android smart phone and iPhone available.

Using a special hardware that is prerequisite this app will give you control over all your Wi-Fi enable home devices.

Here are the best universal remote apps to be on the lookout for

Any device that is capable of trans-receiving Wi-Fi signals be it your AC, lighting system iRule is the ultimate control center app for your smart home. And you can get support on the devices supported at iRule Support. This app will give you control over a wide variety of home appliances not just your PC as with some apps.

You must have a pre-existing home Wi-Fi network without which you cannot really use this app. The RedEye app takes after the Dijit, it has a base station that acts as and the intermediary between the smartphone and your remote controlled devices.


You can put away all your remotes and enjoy universal control from your, iPhone and your PC. You can control a wide range infrared signal controlled of devices on this app If your family and friends want to share the fun they can all download the app and use your station simultaneously. This app requires hardware to function and is neither cheap nor free.

There is no support for android on the Google Play Store at this time but you can try the app from other sites at your own risk. At fourth place is Zmart with its multi-platform support with android and iOS support and a unique hardware.

The hardware that pairs with this software is a dongle unlike the other apps of its kind that use a separate base station to transmit their IR signals. The dongle plugs into your audio jack and therefore is less likely to disrupt your phone usage.

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This device alone has the ability to speak over , machine languages that are supported by almost any AV receiver you can find in the market today.

remote apps for iphone 6 Remote apps for iphone 6
remote apps for iphone 6 Remote apps for iphone 6
remote apps for iphone 6 Remote apps for iphone 6
remote apps for iphone 6 Remote apps for iphone 6
remote apps for iphone 6 Remote apps for iphone 6

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