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We can't all just plug in our iPad throughout the day for an extra charge, but we can use and external battery pack. These act similar to a wall outlet except that they are portable. Read more about the best external battery packs. For many people, low battery life signals a great time to upgrade to the latest and greatest, but if your iPad is serving your needs, you may simply need a battery replacement.

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There are also other options for battery replacement such as taking it to a third-party. Before you replace the battery, you should try doing a factory reset on your iPad. This will delete everything and reset it to how it was in the box. This could fix battery issues that are caused by issues with the operating system itself and is a worthwhile step before forking over hard cash. Read more about performing a factory reset on your iPad. You should also back up your iPad before sending it in to Apple.

Most iPads are set to backup every time they are charged, but it doesn't hurt to do a manual backup in this instance. Is a new battery worth it? If you don't need an upgrade for a couple of years, the battery replacement is definitely the way to go. Apple has a feature on iPhones called "Low Power Mode". This mode turns off a number of features, including features that couldn't ordinarily be turned off such as special graphics used in the user interface.

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It's a great way to get the most juice out of the dregs of the battery, but unfortunately, the feature doesn't exist on the iPad. For those wanting something similar, I've detailed most of the features to turn off in the steps above. You can also follow the iPad Low Power Mode guide. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated December 07, Reboot your iPad. Let's start with the tip that isn't a setting but can work wonders.

Simply powering off and powering on your iPad can solve problems. You shouldn't have to do it every day, but before you tweak a bunch of settings, you might simply try a reboot. Adjust the Brightness.

10 Tips to Fix iOS 11 Battery Life Drain on iPhone and iPad

The iPad has an auto-brightness feature which helps tune the iPad based on the light quality in the room, but this feature is not enough. Adjusting the overall brightness may be the best single thing you can do to eke out a little more from your battery. The goal is to get it where it is still comfortable enough to read, but not quite as bright as the default setting. Turn Off Bluetooth. Many of us don't have any Bluetooth devices connected to the iPad, so all the Bluetooth service is doing for us is waste the iPad's battery life. If you don't have any Bluetooth devices, make sure Bluetooth is turned off.

A quick way to flip the switch for Bluetooth is to open the iPad Control Panel by swiping up from the very bottom edge of the display. Fetch Mail Less Often. By default, the iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini will extend a bit of battery life to check for new mail every 15 minutes. But it also checks new mail every time we open the Mail app, so it is easy enough to push this back to 30 minutes or an hour. Simply go into settings, choose the Mail settings and tap the "Fetch New Data" option. This page will let you set how often your iPad fetches mail. After downloading the update my iPad drains within a day after being fully charged.

My charge lasted for a week before when fully charged. I am not computer savy and i just use mine to read and do research. Any suggestions? Thank You! Very frustrating because before the download worked perfect. What my experience was while I am using Google battery goes down drastically why it is like this any bug? How can I fix? I suspect it is a ploy to get you to buy the latest product.

Already shown that they make older versions run slower, and if the can make battery issues for older products it will force people to buy iPhone X and latest iPads etc ;. Just shut phone completely off, turn on to make a call or use it for whatever and turn it off again immediately to save battery power.

My iPad 3 battery draining out quickly! - Apple Community

My iPad Air has had a massive loss of life since the update and screen freezes while on messenger. I get 2 you tube short videos then it goes to charge. What a con!!!!! Buy samsung at least there honest!!!!! It is just over one year old. I have to charge it twice to three times a day. Never experienced battery problems until the IOS11 update, was minor at first, now is getting out of hand. Any ideas what to do? Open the iPad Battery Settings section and see what is using your battery, it is likely an app or some task going wild in the background. I tis also possible the iPad device battery is going bad, which you can find out from Apple Support.

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iOS 10 - Battery Drain Fix / Optimization

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How To Fix iOS 9.3 Battery Life Problems

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Ipad 3 battery life fix

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