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There are two additional modes as well. Cloud Pop has you fashion words from letters found within clouds, using them before they vanish from the screen, but Star Tower is better, having you create the floors of a tower as it gradually scrolls downwards. Longer words make for taller floors, gaining you precious extra seconds to get your brain in gear and think of something suitably amazing with your next set of letters.

Letterpress combines the anagrams of Boggle with the territory capturing of Risk. Two players take part in a turn-based battle on a five-by-five grid of letters.

Strategy within Letterpress is therefore not just about finding the biggest words — and certainly not if its tiles are spread about the board. Battles become like an intense tug of war, ramping up the excitement and providing the kind of edge not usually found in word games. Spellspire finds you as a crotchety wizard, trying to climb a tower. The snag is that heavily armed monsters want to stop you.

This might not sound like the premise for a typical word game, but Spellspire adds a bit of magic to the anagrams mix. On each floor, you get 10 letters to juggle and form into words that become fuel for spells. Short words only unleash a smallish magical blast, but longer words give your foes a serious kicking.

As you remove letters around them, the bears continue to expand. Typeshift rethinks anagrams, word searches and crosswords. Each puzzle comprises columns of letters you can drag up and down, the aim being to make a complete word in the central row. To complete the puzzle, you must color all of the letters. Be careful, though, as some stages have letters that disappear if you take too long while looking for words, which can throw you off and even render a puzzle unsolvable.

There are no in-app purchases in Word Search, but unobtrusive ads are occasionally shown in between puzzles. With its relaxing nature theme, Wordscapes has you solve word puzzles against picturesque backdrops. Similar to a fill-in-style crossword puzzle, just swipe to make letters into words that fill themselves into the grid above.

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The tiles cross over each other, which makes it a little easier to figure out subsequent words. Once you complete a set of puzzles, you are rewarded with coins that can be used to buy hints when you get stuck. You can also form extra words that aren't part of the puzzle to earn hints, which convert to coins when left unused. Overall, Wordscapes is just challenging enough to be interesting, but when you combine that with its beautiful ambiance, it's definitely a worthy download. Wordmint is a fast-paced game that has you move randomly-generated letter tiles around to mint words.

Each letter has its own value like Scrabble, but you can also cross words together to rack up more points. You can choose either timed or move-based gameplay, and both modes are pretty challenging. Wordmint offers no in-app purchases, but it does have ads that pop up every so often between game sessions.

The ads are minimal, though, and don't affect overall gameplay in any way. If you love intense word games on the go, then Wordmint is definitely worth a try. WordBrain is another great game for those who prefer to play in solitude.

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The premise is fairly simple — just swipe through blocks of letters to form one or more words. But don't let that fool you because the game can be quite challenging. The stages are animal-themed, and they get more demanding as you progress through each level — especially as you hit puzzles that let you create 10 or more words of varying lengths.

Thankfully, you are rewarded with hints as you finish each animal stage, which you can then use whenever you're stuck.

Best Free Word Games For Android

WordBrain also has a nifty feature that lets you create your own puzzles to share with friends. As a free game, there are ads in between levels that vary based on time. For instance, an ad will appear after taking a long time on one puzzle, but it won't appear for another three puzzles if you breeze through. They are easy to close, however, and don't affect gameplay in any way.

Four Letters is a pretty intense word game despite its simplicity. You'll have to form a word using only four letters, then quickly repeat this process as many times as you can while forming different words each time.

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You only have a set amount of time to complete each puzzle, and the game will end if you can't come up with enough words before time expires. You'll need to be very quick on your feet, so to speak, if you want to progress far in this game. There is a total of 2, words to complete, with each word being added to the in-game dictionary once you've formed it. Achievements are also available to keep you motivated as the game kicks you in your behind. Word Connect will keep your brain occupied as you swipe between the various letters to assemble words. Also, you can forget fighting with your opponent, questioning whether a word really exists or not.

Heck, you can even forget the rules that require you to make words from traditional orientation left to right or top to bottom. So long as the letters are close to each other, you can connect them altogether to form a word. Sounds good, right? This game should be familiar to you if you were once like me, an EFL English as a foreign language learner. Perhaps, too simple because there is not much of customization provided.

The best free word games for Android

An option to turn the grid to a darker color scheme would be nice. Word Search. Developed by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. In this game, you have to solve crossword style slues using 20 letter groups , using including 2 or 3 letters each. Previously named as Word Drop, the game is now popular with the name of Dropwords. To start with, you get a wide grid of letters from which you can form your words.

Unlike Letter Rip, this one does care about direction.

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You will have to form your words from left to right or top to bottom. Once you make your first word, the letters will disappear, allowing new letters to drop from the top of the screen.

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Pretty much like Bejeweled. Scores are accumulated and compiled through the Papaya Mobile social gaming network, so you can compete with friends online. How does it sound to you? Your score is calculated based on the words you have found and when the timer hit the marks, the screen will show you all scores of the participants and rank them from high to low. Word Weasel. Heck, it was even published far before EA made the port for Scrabble.

Although the idea might not be very original, there are still many things to love about it. This is especially if youre type of person who values simplicity and starightforwardness more than anything else.

word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile
word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile
word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile
word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile
word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile
word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile
word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile
word search games for samsung mobile Word search games for samsung mobile

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