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The final scores have been mentioned based on application price, features and performance. It allows you to save files over cloud, send files or text as an email attachment and read PDF files. Kingsoft Office application has some exciting features such as the ability to create. All these features make it a very useful and advanced office suite. It also allows you save files in all possible document type such as.

Microsoft Office Mobile on BlackBerry 10

It works well in both portrait and landscape modes. While working on word file I was able to insert images which is missing in Documents To Go, options for text color, text highlighting, formatting and alignment. Creating a spreadsheet is also easy, you can increase or decrease size of rows and columns and also sort between them.

It has auto-spell correct but lack of cut-paste option is a bit strange and non friendly. With this office suite you can only view and edit PowerPoint files, which is the weakest section of this suite. Also while editing there is no option for inserting image and changing font of the content which makes it almost unusable when you are opting to use it for editing PowerPoint files. The freely available Office suite is worth using as a word processor and for spreadsheets, but not recommended for making presentations.

You can also view PDF files if you have paid for its premium version, which we are reviewing. Documents To Go premium version supports sending files as an attachment through your Gmail account, saves file in Dropbox and you can also send your file through Bluetooth, which I found really helpful when i was not connected with internet and needed to send file. It offers some good features such as text formatting, word count, auto-spell correct, inserting hyperlinks, bookmarks, tables and footnotes, comments and end-notes.

All these are very handy options which I was unable to find in other office suites. Sheet To Go app allows user to sort the columns which is missing in its main competitors like QuickOffice Pro HD and SmartOffice 2, there are more than different functions and operators available to use and you can also insert rows and columns any time.

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The only problem I found was working with Slideshow To Go, which only allowed me to make black and white presentations. It does not even allow you to insert images which is a very basic need for any presentation. Overall, the interface is good and user friendly. It works well in both landscape and portrait modes. It is the only office suite for Android which allows viewing documents in 3D and printing documents from your tablet through any wireless printer. Other unique feature is the ability to view and export documents as. SmartOffice 2 allows you to send and receive your files through email and Bluetooth.

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You can easily access your files from Dropbox and Google Docs, edit and save them. There are 12 default templates available for creating any type of file, which is very helpful. Creating and editing files from this application is easy and convenient, you can create any file format through this. Apart from the basic text formatting it also allows you to color and highlight text, insert images, hyperlinks, has inbuilt auto-spell correct, search in document and undo and redo content features.

Also, you cannot insert tables and not sort data. One of the best office suites with advanced features such as wireless printing,.

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But lacks some common features in spreadsheet. This office suite for Androids occupies It allows you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It also allows you to view PDF files. It is the only office suite which allows a user to save and view previous versions of a file by creating backups. The office suite does not offer any cloud access apart from Thinkfree online while others offer access to various cloud platforms.

To create any file, you just need to tap on a new option and select the type of file you want to create. It also allows a user to insert images, numbers and bullets, align text, change fonts, undo, redo, auto-spell correct, and other such features. You can insert headers and footers in your document, insert tables in a word file and the best thing is you can copy from one to multiple cell in a spreadsheet. Also in a spreadsheet like QuickOffice pro HD and Kingsoft Office you can expand row and columns for space and to sort data.

While editing PowerPoint files, it allows you to see a slide show and insert images in your slides which is similar to QuickOffice and Smartoffice 2.

Free BlackBerry Apps for Microsoft Word

If you do not require cloud accessibility and the email attachment features, then this is the best office suite available. QuickOffice pro HD, is another Android based office tool that allows you to view, edit and create Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Like all other suites, this one also offers viewing PDF files. QuickOffice Pro HD has the best interface for accessing and editing files. It features file management within the application so you dont have to move to any other screen to access files.

The application allows users to access files from many cloud services such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, SugarSync etc. It is the only suite from where you can share your documents through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Similar to Documents To Go and Piscel SmartOffice 2 Other good features include the ability to expand rows and columns in a spreadsheet and insert images in your presentations. However, there are some drawbacks also. The inability to read OpenOffice. The other drawback is that it has no auto-spell correct option which is offered by every other Android office application.

It also lacks a word count feature.

Set up POP or IMAP email on a BlackBerry device

Best for MS-Office based files. It also offers a good interface for accessing cloud-based files. But lack of word count and auto-spell correct feature makes it a bit less competitive. Olive Office Premium is another office application for Android device users which can be downloaded freely from the Android market. You can preview the application, read review, read ratings and download it to your device if it is something you like. To download the application, press the "Download" button. The free version of this application comes standard on your BlackBerry, but this paid application allows you to not only view Word documents but also create new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

You can open PDF documents and open documents with a security password on them. Another great application you can use with Microsoft Word on your BlackBerry device is the Eoffice application from Dynoplex. There is a free version of this application and a paid version of this application. This application allows you to send a fax of your Microsoft Word document or other documents and you can print the documents directly from your phone. You can also print Word email attachments from your device with this application. Another great feature is its ability to allow you to edit and view any Microsoft Office documents.

All the original formatting will be preserved in your emails including fonts, images, web hyperlinks, tables, etc. This should be very exciting for web mail users of Gmail, Yahoo or even Google Apps. The link to download 4. Unfortunately, BlackBerry is not adding any new free games with 4. I would have also loved to see a free BlackBerry Screen Capture tool with the upgrade as that makes support very easy. If you are on Hutch, Vodafone, Airtel or Reliance Communications, you may have to wait until these mobile companies upgrade their BlackBerry server software before providing the 4.

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free office viewer for blackberry Free office viewer for blackberry
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free office viewer for blackberry Free office viewer for blackberry
Free office viewer for blackberry

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