Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3

1. Take a screenshot with a palm swipe

Users who love to explore their Smartphone can know them easily but those who are not techsavy , how would they know about these features. All you need is just one look at all of them.

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In Samsung Galaxy S3 there are two ways for taking a screenshot. You can check this screenshot in the gallery. This tweak will help you to access app, instant without unlocking the screen, to make that thing all you need to do is just swipe across the symbol and it will directly take you to the app. For example, you can open camera and lots more in no seconds without unlocking screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Hidden Features and Tricks

If you are in a hurry and you to get quick access to the dial pad, all you need to do is shake your mobile device. Beware, you may find yourself making lots of accidental calls. You might also love to read about. Using this tweak you can easily access to the task manager, Simply hold the home button and screen will pop up in which you will get a list of all the application running on your Smartphone. Now from this list, choose the application or feature which you want to access. And if you want to close application with one click, simply click on remove all.

Now check whether its working or not, turn off your wireless connectivity and go back to your browser and tap on star icon next to the address bar. If you have got the official Samsung Galaxy S3 Mesh Vent Case, then this is one of the best and worthy feature of this amazing device. Now the trick is, you need to add 10 or 20 cent coin into that slot and rest your Android Smartphone on it. Using this tweak you can rest your android mobile up to two angles depending on the position of the coin. Personally, I like this hidden feature of Galaxy S3, all you need to do is tilt zoom in.

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And tilt it from side to side to move the icon, or scroll across screens. Sometimes scrolling are also becoming annoyed you if you are reading a long page or going through your emails. Otherwise you are scrolling back up to top. This is an amazing feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 i. You can double tap the screen to zoom an image and move the phone around the move across the picture. This is very good and helpful feature of this Smartphone. Also Read: But in Samsung Galaxy phones, one can take screenshot by pressing Power and Home button together.

For this you have to use your both hands. But did you know that there is an easier way: In most Galaxy Phone this feature is enabled by default, but if it is not then you have enable it manually.

Get your app icons in order

Locking phone using fingerprints is considered to be the most secure way to protect phone, because no two fingerprints are similar. Recovering Data from Locked Android Phone or tablet. Whereas on other Galaxy series phones there is not as much accurate swipe sensor, where you have to swipe down from the display on to the Power button. Also note that Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 3 do not have fingerprint scanners. If you are iPhone users then you have to take off your fingers out from the gloves and operate your iPhone when weather is very cold and you have to freeze tour finger taking it out of the Gloves.

But with Galaxy Phones, the things are little bit different.

23 Best Hidden Features of Samsung i9300 Galaxy S3

In Galaxy S3 there is no Glove Mode option. Nobody want to lose their phone and do not want that other people accessing your data stored o your phone such as personal photos, videos and other data. Therefore, it is suggested that you must always protect your phone with pattern lock, pin lock, passcode or by fingerprint. You have to create and login with Samsung account in order to enable this feature. Below check out where you will find this feature on various Samsung Galaxy Phones:.

9 Amazing Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy: [Samsung Galaxy Tips & Tricks]

First you need to head to the Gear Manager app on your phone and go to Settings to get everything set up. You can also add a count down before raising the alarm just in case you accidentally set it off.

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  5. One of the new features introduced in the latest version of Tizen is the ability to create widgets so that your favourite apps, quick access to contacts or data from S Health can live on a separate home screen. To do this, twist the S3's bezel all the way right until you see the Add widget icon. Once selected, you'll see a collection of different widgets that can now be added. If you want to remove a widget, simply press and hold on the widget and tap the minus to get rid of it. It's the ultimate catch; you need to wear gloves to avoid your fingers freezing off but you also want to take advantage of all the fun your S3 has to offer.

    Well, there's a way around this age-old snafu. Read this: Simply head to Touch sensitivity on on Device settings and ramp things all the way up.

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    This means things can get a tad too sensitive when you're not wearing gloves, but this can easily be disabled by holding down the lower button and toggling Touch sensitivity. The Gear S3's battery life is pretty good and in our testing managed around three days. Samsung claims you can get up to four days and that's definitely possible with the help of the power saving mode.

    When you turn it on, this essentially restricts features turning off all functions apart from calls, messages and notifications. To do this, you need to press and hold the bottom physical button. This will open a menu of options including Power off, Touch sensitivity and finally power saving mode.

    You can toggle Do not disturb on and off easily, but did you know that you can set up a schedule? This way your Gear S3 will automatically refrain from disturbing you during the hours you specify, which is especially useful for getting a good night's sleep. Keeping things fresh is always important with your smartwatch. After all, you're going to spend a lot of time glancing down at the face.

    In order to change it up, simply long press on the current face and select from the options. Of course, you can always scroll through further options on the accompanying smartphone app, too. Navigating on the Gear S3 is a cinch thanks to the rotating bezel, but sometimes you have a go-to app that you want to be able to fire up in no time at all. A double press of the bottom key will see S Voice launch by default, but you can customise this to take you to straight to the likes of S Health, music and reminders.

    We'll admit there's not too many reasons for wanting to screenshot something on your smartwatch. With that said, if you do find yourself needing to discreetly capture a moment of action, just hold down the home button and swipe right at the same time.

    hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
    hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
    hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
    hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3
    hidden features on samsung galaxy s3 Hidden features on samsung galaxy s3

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