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Hi nimbuzz…i m user of nokia E Ur services are fantastic. Its a great feel using latest version. Everythng is fantastic. The UI is better. I like the new large online icons. There is no hesitation saying this that Nimbuzz is one of the best applicatin in Symbian. Hi, In all earlier versions, yahoo pingbox users website visitors are not being able to chat via nimbuzz yahoo. We just receive their message as guest but they do not receive our messages sent via nimbuzz yahoo. Have we sorted this out in this new release? I changed my phone number but Nimbuzz is not able to verify it.

What to do??? Anubhav- Would request to reach out to support nimbuzz. Are you using an specific feature?

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Anurag — We are still working on introducing this feature in our future releases. However, we can not fix up a date for its release. Stay tuned for related news and info on blog. You can make the changes to settings of twitter under Nimbuzz account to update the refresh time. I m from india, using nimbuzz on nokia e71 with network vodafone. You will not face any issue if you follow the above step. Whenever i call any nimbuzz contact after some seconds my mobile switching off and restarts again…so what could be the problem.

Thanks and best regards.. If you still this issue please check your device for viruses. Abhi — Could you please let us know the exact issue you are facing while using this feature on your device? Do you receive any error message while accessing this keyboard? I can not open chats.

I can select other options contacts, twitter etc but can not open chats. Why nimbuzz 3. Unlike nimbuzz 3. I mean, like: Receive files. Dial numbers. Recent calls. My Info. Group chat. I want to download the file directly on Nimbuzz, not in the mobile browser. We will consider these to be implemented in our future releases. Stay tuned for related info on http: Kashif Khan — If you have forgot your username or password and you have registered your email address or phone number you can request a password reset by following this link: Gaj- Please make sure that you enter the username and the password in lower case.

You will not face this error. Kashif Khan — Would request you to please reach out to support nimbuzz. Please Help,my nimbuzz chatroom feature is not working. Whenever I enter any chatrooms. Please help Nimbuzz team,I am facing this problem for past many months. You will not receive any more error when you access chatroom.

Hi admin i hope u are al fyn my name is waseem and my id has been blocked wid out any reason so plz get back my id jogi nimbuzz. Wazi — Please reach out to support nimbuzz. Thanks once again for your valuable feedback. It closes when we search chat room and also during chat. Please fix it. You will not face any issues. This new update is great, thank you very much, I just would like to point to two important things:. We will consider this to be implemented in our future releases.

Stay tuned to more news and info on blog. Hai…i am using kis c hand set and i cant call via nimbuzz…no calling option thr in the menu…. Thanks for your great support, and I would like to feedback another bug, when I choose mp3 song for my nimbuzz ring tone and nimbuzz call rings, it only plays the first couple of seconds of the mp3 and then keeps repeat that portion only.

In order to make calls to mobile phones across the globe you need to set up Nimbuzzout and configure the settings accordingly. Rohit — Thanks for your interest. It is in our road map to provide this feature to other platforms as well, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fix date for it to be implemented.

Stay tuned to our Blog at blog. Hi Purnimaji, I am still unable to sign into yahoo from nimbuzz simultaneously logging in yahoo through web browser. What wrong is this and how to resolve this issue. My nimbuz 3. I cant access to any chatroom. Khagenz, Please log on to your yahoo account through desktop first and followed by through nimbuzz by this way many users have been corrected the similar issue, Thanks, Humayun.

I downloaded it for my Nokia and i opened it and entered the Username of Nimbuzz , but the problem is he said waiting… I waited for 15 min , and says error!!! Please Help me?!!!!?? Mahmoud Armin — In order to help you to solve this issue, can you please be more specific? Hootan — Please ensure that you enter your username and password in lower case while log in to your Nimbuzz account. Nimbuzz gives the error user blocked.

Mohmoud Armin — We see that there are two accounts registered with the email address you have mentioned here. Would request you to please reach out to support nimbuzz. If he is using a Java, Blackberry or windows phone the call icon will be disabled for this contact. Please ensure that you enter the username is lower case. I use Nimbuzz 3. Poutnik — Would request you to please remove the application once from your device completely and reboot the device. Re-install the application again from get.

In case you have any more queries please reach out to support nimbuzz. Conection relince gsm phone nokia n73 error msg: Pls help me. I have same prob as vinayak nishad wrote earlier.. I cant install nimbuzz. Pls help asap.. The problem is caused due to a Nokia authentication certificate, which expired on 20 th Oct Due to which, Nimbuzz cannot be installed on few old devices which still contain this expired certificate.

We are closely working with Nokia in getting this sorted asap! This error is caused because of the security measures introduced into the new version of Symbian Series 60 mobile operating system disallowing installation of old applications and invalid certificates. Additional facts: This issue does not affect ALL users. Only certain users who are using Symbian 3 rd edition devices and the devices which are pretty old era 2. The security measures are not introduced in new version on Symbian S There have been there since time frame In the meanwhile you can try the below steps to get it back running: For removing this error please follow the below mention steps — 1.

Open your mobile main Menu 2. Now change the date to some months before in our case it should be before 21st Oct, just take 1st Sept. Now download and install the application 5. If you own an older phone you might receive the following error: In case you still face the issue please reach out to support nimbuzz. And i have a problem with voice breaking when making nimbuzz free call. Thanks a lot, for my help, I get install now on nokia n73 very very thanks purnima with nimbuzz team!

Hi Nimbuzzz, Nimbuzz is good messenger, but we need to perform video call, I hope next time you will create new nimbuzz software support with video conference. Help me. In case you face any issue please reach out to support nimbuzz. Now re-install the latest version of Nimbuzz 1. Another app using splitscreen is fMobi http: We go on with Whatsapp and some more.

Due to some bug reports we have decided to roll back to version 3. Please be patient we will provide a new update with fixes later on this week. We will also update the new version to Nokia Ovi store. Masud Thanks for suggestion, we will consider it. Hyzebrattic The Papa We will check this issue,thanks for reporting. I want to download this program you can put les following link? We want push notification for symbian version like android and iPhone version. Pls add it to next symbiyan update. Meego is not a popular OS, and Nokia is no more supporting it. Meego is being rename as Tinzen which is now in joint development between Samsung and Intel.

I need old nimbuzz version like 1. I have a Nokia Nuron and when I go to get. Any update about the new version??? Brenda Yes, we have rolled this version back due to user feedback. We will provide this version again in a couple of days. Pankaj we have rolled this version back due to user feedback.

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Thanks for answering. Sir i am unable to download latest v. Sandeep We have had to roll back to the previous version due to user feedback, we will have version 3. Please give me a link to download nimbuzz 3. Rahul As mentioned previously the version 3. New version now available in website. Dear admin i hv been suffering 4rm a problem while using nimbuzz. M using n72 symbian phone bt aftr replcing with nimbuzz 3.

Any error message? Rahil Thanks for your comment and feedback Jals Which exact error message do you get and when does it appear? Make sure you are using the latest Symbian version 3. I am using N8. Yesterday i downloaded the version 3. After down loading, i am unable to use my smart voip sip provider. Can you tell me , how can i use smart voip sip provider through latest version.

Let us know. Did you fixed the problem with chat alert in new version?

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Hello, I have the 3. Is is bug? If yes, is there any version in the near future? I have the version 3. The problem I am facing is that there is anyway to end a call. I m using symbian Belle on Nokia N Plz rectify the problem.. The Period between 3.

Nokia C5-00 Firmware Updated To Version 062.001

Saleem This issue should not appear on latest version 3. Khaled Taki Could you be more specific? When do you face this issue? Does it happen when calling a Nimbuzz contact or another IM community contact? Let us know and we will try to reproduce the issue. You can download the app directly from get. Could you be more specific? Let us know an we will try to help you out. Regards Mojeeb Ahsan Thanks for letting us know, we will have a look into this. Emran Kazimi thanks for your interest, we aim to support this fetaure in the future. The Dubsteper Thanks for your comments and feedback, much apprecaited.

Note that the latest version available is 3. Is not possible to add multiple accounts per protocol but we will consider that option. Video chat is on our roadmap and we aim to add it in the future. Contests to win NimbuzzOut credits will be announced on our Blog, stay tuned! For making use of Calling functionality use Wi-Fi. You can still use Nimbuzz on your phone browser going to wap. The issue happens when calling a Nimbuzz contact. To be more specific: In my Nokia E7, there is no physical end call button, in normal calls, a red button appears on the screen, and I have to click it in order to end the call.

I add that the issue I am facing is the same issue that Mojeeb Ahsan is facing with his N8. The comment he posted in January 24th, was: We have identified this issue on devices using Symbian Belle, we expect to have it solved in upcoming version. Thanks for your understanding. Hello queralt escrich, Thanks for your reply. Yes I am using Symbian Belle. So I will be waiting for the upcoming version: Khaled TAKI. I forget my password.

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Then I was sent forget password request but i did not get any mail uptonow. How can i get password. My nimbuzz id is praveen Praveen We recommend you to double check your inbox, probably it got sent to a different email address you also own. Ayinla19 Your mobile network operator needs to supports Nimbuzz Ping Check here if your network provider does support it: How I should to do?

Switching from landscape to portrait also show some bugs sometimes. Another bug is if you receive a voice call, you have no option to end the call. By the way my operating system is nokia belle. But wheter with or without video callwe are still loyal to nimbuzz.

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I upgraded my N8 with symbian Belle. Now when I make a call from Nimbuzz, there is no way to disconnect What are we supposed to do. Madhu Raman Thanks for your comment, our team is working in order to have this solved, meanwhile please use the physical end call button. Hi queralt escrich Unforyunatly the N8 doesnot provide a physical end call button.

In the end nothing!!! Even simple porn web site have a live web cam option now adays!!! Now when I make a call from Nimbuzz, there is no way to disconnect. In the meantime, please try to use the physical end call button to terminate the call. Jasim Yes, we are aware of the request, our team is working in order to provide this feature in more platforms in the future, Stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce it here as soon as it is available.

Let us know so we can improve. Which exact issue do you face when trying to login? Have you tried your same account credentials in another Nimbuzz client? Other features not only for symbian — chat history on all clients — Search nimbuzz users by name and location — Save the last status online, offline, …. You startet with a great app and great service.

Let us forget the last year without support and bug fixes. Frank Thanks for your nice feedback. Unfortunately we cannot disclose which will be new feature available yet. But we will for sure add some of the suggested from you like: Kind Regards. With this behaviour, you prevent people to pay for nimbuzz. Frank Yes, we understand your concern but we cannot provide you an specific date for those to be added. Please be patient. Adio As mentioned in previous comments, we do not have plans to develop a Meego version of Nimbuzz in the near future. Adio We do not have plans to develop a Meego version of Nimbuzz in the near future.

In sip call end call option is not displaying, we are unable to disconnect the call Call is disconnecting while the other end people hanged up the phone Need solution quickly. Hi I just upadate we need call option active with my 3g data sim its work before but now not work i check with my operator Vodafone egypt they told me they not block anything from there side so please make call option active for nokia e7 belle same like before it works with Symbian anna in e7. Why did it disappear from the store? Will it be available in the future again?

I also wanted togive a hint with a problem concerning tabbed chats on my Nokia E7 Belle. Wenn having multiple active chats and selecting a contact from my contact list, the tabs disappear. No end button or mute button available in Symbian belle during a call. Nokia C07 has a built in end button on the device, and hence it works.

But Nokia N8 has no dedicated End button in the phone. Before installing symbian belle, there was 2 button available on the screen, 1. Mute and 2. End call. Chellam We are aware of the issue and we expect to have it solved in upcoming release. Smoof Due to lack of usage and downloads we decided to remove the Ad-free version from Nokia Ovi Store. We will review the possibilities of providing a new Ad-free version in the future. In case of issues with the transaction, purchase or download, please contact Nokia Customer Support here http: Mohammed Osman We do not support calling on BlackBerry devices due to some technical limitations.

I use it on N8, under Symbian Belle. The END button is disappear when the other side accept the call. Still waiting. TK Ong Our team is working in order to fix this issue in upcoming release, meanwhile we recommend you to use the physical end call button to terminate your calls. Anoop Our team is working in order to develop a more compatible version for Symbian devices like yours.

Stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce it here as soon as it is available. I reported this issue as others did nearly six months ago and I find it absurd that Nimbuzz has not fixed it. Nimbuzz you keep saying you are aware of the issue and that you are working on fixing it for the next release. I mean, does it really take more than half a year to fix this bug???

Sebas Yes, as mentioned previously we are aware of this issue and our team will have it solved in upcoming release. Unfortunately we cannot provide you an estimate date of when it will be live, but rest assured that we are working to provide a fix and a better compatibility for Belle devices.

Just some points for a reminder — a consortium of previously stated opinions including new ones from me!! Make deleting contacts easier. Nimbuzz was working well till yesterday….. I have a nokia …. Need suggestions quickly…. Moreoevr the calling option works fine with the wifi connection. Earlier it used to work fine with edge connection too. In the meantime, you can connect to Nimbuzz using Wi-Fi for making calls. Stay tuned to our Blog: Plz reply soon. However, you do not have a folder for sent items from where you can retrieve the sent files. If you delete the received files from your device, you will not be able to retrieve the same again.

If you wish to remove the sent file which appears in the chat screen, you can delete the chat history. A bug in 3. When we type a txt and we want to delete a character or get back in text is deleted but in text bow n0t deletet ,um is n0t easay to say just with this write a fals charcter in word and then delete and type true to get what i am saying. We will work on this issue and implement in our future release.

To nimbuzz team U all are telling by your queries that the files are not stored in your server but when ever a peson wants to download recieved file it downloads from a specifed link …. We have resolved this issue with our technical team and a new and improved version is on the way in upcoming days. Stay tuned for the latest news and releases on http: Your device is a Symbian device which is compatible for chatrooms. I having problem to join the room, when I join the room it shows user already present error, how to solve this error please help me….

Someone help me! Please help! In case you still face any issues, please reach out to support nimbuzz. Hello sir, iam waiting for ur video call nimbuzz in my nokia belle phone, videocall also available pc and iphone ,then why u avoid nokia belle phones? It is on our roadmap, to provide this feature to other platforms as well, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fix date for it to be implemented. We will announce it as soon as it is available. Is there a way to keep history? EsfandyR — If you update the new version of Nimbuzz without uninstalling the already present Nimbuzz application on your device you will be able to see the chat history.

However, if your uninstall the application once and then install the application the chat history would be removed. Only the contacts would be automatically updated in this case. Abu Bakr Jan — We do not support your device yet. We are constantly working on new releases that support more devices. Unfortunately we cannot fix a date for it to be done yet, we suggest you to check regularly our website to see if your phone is listed.

In the meanwhile you can also use the wap version of Nimbuzz on your phone browser at wap. The reason i downloaded nimbuzz is that i thought there is videocalling but i understood that there is no videocall please make this new feature and fix it. Stay tuned to our Blog http: Not connect on server i using nokia C In case you still face the issue please reach out to support nimbuzz. Nimbuzz symbian Nokia E72 not able to update with new version.

ABDU, Taj — Please follow this link and the workaround mentioned to resolve the issue you are facing http: How do I get my contacts in group chat? When I open group chat, all I see is: No contacts found. Now, make sure the current date is updated on your device and then download the latest version of Nimbuzz from get.

I am using n, i installed nimbuz version 3. Mohamed — Please remove Nimbuzz application from the device and re-install the latest version for your device. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Home Mobile New Nimbuzz for Symbian! Get it now! Here is the complete overview of Nimbuzz 3. Redesigned Home Screen for fast access to your favorite features Three new icons added: As always we would like to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

The new version will be available in Nokia Ovi Store next week. Kind regards thank you. I am using nokia c Nimbuzz 3. Nokia Innovation. App Update: New Nimbuzz 3. Nimbuzz for Symbian v3. No more suggested contacts? Nimbuzz v3. Le applicazioni Nimbuzz e SettingBar per Symbian si aggiornano.

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  • Nimbuzz for Symbian updated to v3. My Nokia Blog. A crap… Can not toggle between active chats…moving to previous version.. But something disappointed me switching chat window through nav key missing. Still no preview of image in send multimedia file on Nokia N Nimbuzz V3. Nimbuzz for Symbian updated to version 3. On my nokia c Nimbuzz gets an update, Ver 3.

    download vodafone buzz for nokia c5 Download vodafone buzz for nokia c5
    download vodafone buzz for nokia c5 Download vodafone buzz for nokia c5
    download vodafone buzz for nokia c5 Download vodafone buzz for nokia c5
    download vodafone buzz for nokia c5 Download vodafone buzz for nokia c5
    download vodafone buzz for nokia c5 Download vodafone buzz for nokia c5
    download vodafone buzz for nokia c5 Download vodafone buzz for nokia c5

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