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Restoring your subscription will not result in any additional charges. If the problem persists, you can contact Customer Care. To view your subscription details and benefits, tap the Settings button on the right side of the Sections list. Your subscription details will be listed below your email address. If you don't see your email address, you will need to log in or create an account.

You can save an article by adding it to the Saved for Later list while you are logged in to your NYTimes. You can access saved articles at any time from any of your devices. To add an article to the Saved for Later list, open the article and tap the Save icon in the top right corner.

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To remove an article, tap the Save icon again. You can also save or unsave an article from the section front in which it appears. To look up the definition of a word, hold your finger down on the word. When you release your finger, tap Look Up. If you are on iOS 10 and you have not yet selected a dictionary for your device, you will need to visit your device settings, tap General , and go to Dictionary to select a dictionary to use. Open Settings on your device, tap General , then About. On the About page, scroll to Version.

Within the NYTimes app, go to the app settings from the right side of the Sections title bar and tap About. The app version must be 4. Your NYTimes app may be located in the Newsstand folder on your device. If you upgraded your NYTimes app to 3. Yes, if you have updated your device's operating system to iOS 9 or later. On iOS 9, Newsstand has been replaced with a regular folder called Newsstand that you can move apps in and out of.

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To move the NYTimes app out of the folder, press and hold it until it begins to wiggle, then drag it to any spot on your home screen. Once you've placed the app on your screen, press the home button on your device to save the changes. The NYTimes app provides breaking news notifications which allow you to stay on top of major news events even when the application is closed. You can also receive even more notifications about business, New York, politics and sports.

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Please note that these additional alerts do not replace breaking news notifications. For example, you may still receive a breaking news alert that is about politics, even if that topic is off in the Additional Alerts section. In the NYTimes app, tap the bell icon in the top right corner of your screen. Make sure that Breaking News Alerts are on. Then open the in-device Settings app.

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You can also further customize how you receive your alerts here. Select the additional alerts of your choice. To browse between sections, tap the hamburger icon three lines on the top left corner of your screen to open the section list and choose a section. You can also swipe left or right to move between sections.

NYTimes iOS App

To read an article, tap the headline or anywhere on the introductory text for that article. Tapping the back arrow in the top left of the article view brings you back to the section front. Swiping left and right in the article view brings you to the other articles in that section. You can control how sections and blogs are ordered from the Sections list by pressing down and holding on the section name you would like to move, then dragging it to the desired place.

All sections can be moved except Top Stories; sections cannot be removed. Content will be updated automatically early each morning, as well as each time you open the app and periodically while you use the app. To update manually, pull down on any section front. You must leave the NYTimes app open while your content is updating. If the connection is interrupted for any reason, either to use another application or to receive a phone call, you may need to relaunch the app and restart. If you are experiencing difficulties with an upgrade, please delete the NYTimes app, reboot your device and reinstall the app in iTunes.

To remove the app, touch and hold the NYTimes application icon until it begins to wiggle. Tap the X in the corner of the icon, then confirm the deletion in the window that appears. If you are still having problems after deleting and reinstalling the app, please contact us. You can share articles from the NYTimes app. Feb 5, 2: Feb 7, 1: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Getting thrown out of NY Times app repeatedly Starting yesterday every single time I open NY Times app on ipad i get thrown out immediately -- I see the news page just briefly and then I'm out.

Giving Readers Control: Announcing Two New Options in The New York Times iOS App

Sometimes it takes me straight to the spinning circle over the Apple logo, as if ipad were shutting down, but then it returns to the normal ipad start up screen. I first started having problems with news stories and photos refusing to update, so I logged out and then signed back in. I think that's when my "getting thrown out as soon as I open" problem started. I deleted app and reinstalled it but have the same problem. I've also done a soft reset of ipad twice holding on button and home button down simultaneously.

Nothing works. Any help would be appreciated. More Less.

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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Ignore the "Slide to power off" text. Also, you might wish to download the 4. Pay special attention to page Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I have tried resets using both home and power buttons repeatedly, holding until I see apple logo, then releasing, but it has not solved the problem. I just reset all ipad settings -- still the same problem, I get thrown out the second the app opens.

The NY Times app has been plagued with huge problems from the beginning, but I thought the worst was over after numerous updates. I guess I was wrong. I've emailed the NY Times ipad support but my past experience with them has been awful. If they respond, it is with electronic form letters.

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